Project SIA

oneness organisation - project Sia

SIA in Persian translates to “Light, Hope & Joy.

We at oneness organisation, named this as project SIA as this is a educational project which includes personality development classes, moral education into action and skills for life which we believe has a potential impact in everyone’s life.

The above project is done at SOS village, vishakapatnam.

Project Sparsh

It has always been kids our main focus of our projects as they lay the pillars of this beautiful world. We had fun in this project, played with them, ate with them and learned more of what feels like living with them.

On invitation our Principal, Smt.Kanaka Valli mam has made us happy with her presence.  

Project Roshini

oneness organisation

We believe Lessons from Gandhiji’s life has so much that we could learn as an individual. We thought, it would be nice if we could take kids to Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad so that kids could learn and imbibe lessons from our father of nation and could make this world a better place.

The lessons are not just for kids but for us too 🙂  Project Roshini is initiated by Ahmedabad chapter of oneness organisation.