Social Experiment – The Gratitude Tree

gratitude tree - oneness organisation

We’ve placed a Gratitude Tree in our office. This tree has Thank you Cards, anyone in the office can take a minute to pick one and write thanks to the person they would like to thank.

It creates a good feeling to be thanked and know what, it would also give a great feeling to thank someone who helped us. As we believe this would be a ripple effect, we thought we would give them some surprises for thanking someone or being thanked, we felt this would encourage them to thank more, feel more and make this world a a great place to live 🙂

Social Experiment place: Accenture India

The Gratitude Project is initiated by oneness organisation.

Project Drop Box

Project Drop Box is project initiated by oneness organisation. In this project, we install drop boxes around the college/ school campus where students can drop their used books. These used books are later collected and recycled so that we have new books ready.

These new (recycled books) are distributed to kids in rural areas and by doing so we are helping in their education and just by dropping things into this box and its like turning our waste into something that could be used.

Blood Saver Application

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Life Saver Application – overview
How would this work!

When we are talking about Blood we are talking about the word ‘Emergency’ too. we have less time to respond. This application will simplify the process of finding a blood donor which results in saving a precious life.
We want to create this application which enables users two option of usage
1. City/region filters – to provide info about the donors of that region
2. GPS option which will give information of donors in the nearby region.
This application will provide the information as per the requirement.

We want to make this application better with your suggestions.